Macroeconomic Consultants

About Us

Macroeconomic Consultants LLC is a boutique consulting company. We value the expertise of the excellent consultants who work with us and their trust in us. We show them our appreciation by supporting them fully in every possible aspect and by maintaining a close relationship with them. As a result, we learn and keep in mind what their aspirations and preferences are. Ours is a partnership without equal.

With the support of our outstanding experts, Macroeconomic Consultants LLC supports governments around the world to achieve sustainable growth and poverty reduction by improving their national public financial management systems, supporting private sector and international trade development, strengthening their education and health systems, and reinforcing their infrastructure sector (water, energy, transportation, etc).

We manage projects funded by different agencies for international development, especially the European Union but also DFID, the World Bank and USAID. Our country experience includes over 120 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, CIS and the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Pacific States.